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Importing Data from an Access Database or Text File. used as a virtual help desk, answering “how-to” questions in minutes. click Download. In this post, we share important PDF books related to MS Excel for beginners and experts. MS Excel Books PDF. Here. we have listed various Books. Advanced Excel is a comprehensive tutorial that provides a good insight into the latest and advanced features available in Microsoft Excel

Tutorial excel expert pdf free download


We are living in an age where time is essential. This means that investing time and money in conventional computer courses is not an option for many people. On the contrary, thanks to modern technology you can now download free computer courses and tutorials in PDF files. There are many websites like computer-pdf. They usually come in the form of a textbook and you will get access to a knowledge data base that is useful even for people with some IT knowledge.

These PDF files also contain exercises , examples of practical work and other things that will make the learning process easier and simpler. All it takes is a computer, access to the Internet and of course — patience and willpower. As previously mentioned, you can do some research and find other attractive PDF tutorials too.

Computer PDF is here to help you learn programs, enhance your knowledge in computer security, databases, office, automation, analytics and IT in general.

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Have a look at Figure 3. The following formula is entered in cell B4. In cell B5, we have applied general number format to the resulting value. This is the serial number for PM. In cell B6, we have changed the formatting of the resulting value to include the seconds as well.

You can insert these functions manually as well as from the Date and Time drop down list in the Formulas tab on the Ribbon. You can combine these cells to get the full date at one place. You can use it to put the current date in a cell. It is also very easy to use. All you have to do is enter the following formula in the destination cell and Excel will put the current it. However, you can change this format by creating a desired custom format and then applying it over the cell containing the TODAY function.

In other words, it changes whenever you open the worksheet containing it. It can be either 1 or 2. If you enter 1, it means that you want Excel to consider Sunday as the first day of the week.

If you enter 2, it means that Excel should count Monday as the first day of the week and then perform the calculation accordingly. For example, entering the following formula in a cell would return the value The resulting value is 26, it means that this particular date lies in the 26th week of year You can put the number of holidays observed by your company.

Doing so will command Excel to subtract the holidays from the total number of working days. The DAYS function is based on a day year.

It assumes 12 equal months of 30 days each in a year. To convert a date into serial number, format the particular cell with General Number format. The third argument method in the DAYS function is optional.

In this method, the starting date is same as the 31st of the month, it is considered as equivalent to the 30th of the same month. Likewise, if the ending date is equal to the 31st of a month and the starting date is before than the 30th of the month, then the ending becomes the first day of the next month. According to this method, the starting and ending dates that lies on the 31st of a month are equal to the 30th of the same month.

This chapter explains some of the most commonly used functions of Excel. There are several advanced summing and counting functions that are not easy to perform initially but once you get proficient in these, you will find them very useful and valuable.

Coming forward, this chapter presents description and examples of the valuable and most handy summing and counting functions. As the name suggests, it totals the values or references specified in the formula. It ignores the text and logical values, as well as the blank cells. SUM is such a popular and highly used function that Microsoft has placed it several places in Excel.

Apart from being present in the Formula tab and Insert Function dialog box, you will find it in the Editing group on the Home tab, as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4. This function comes in handy when you need to find the number of empty cells in the entire worksheet. Suppose you want to find the number of blank cells in Sheet4. To do so, enter the following formula in a cell in any sheet other then Sheet 4.

This value will remain the same as every sheet has the name number of total cells. Formula to Count Filled Cells Just like Excel provides a way to count blank cells, there is a function to count the filled cells. Just enter the function, select the particular range, close the parentheses and hit Enter.

It could be numeric, text, or logical values. Or just the text values? Well, Excel also provides a way to count a specific type of value. How to Count Cells Containing Numeric Value Enter the following argument in the destination cell to count the numeric cells in a particular range.

Just enter the function, select the particular range in which you want to count the number of numeric values, close the parentheses and hit Enter. Hence if your selected range contains any of these, the number of Date and Time cells will be counted and returned to the destination cell.

Refer to Chapter 8 to learn more about Array formulas. This formula also needs to be entered as an array formula. For example, the above array formula when entered in Excel will display as following in the formula bar.

It counts the cells within a range that meets a certain specified criteria. The range argument refers to the range of cells in which you want to count the particular values. Following this argument, Excel will count cells that contain numeric value less than The second argument is the criterion for the corresponding range.

You can enter as many ranges and criteria you want. Once www. Following is an example formula using the AND condition. The following formula is the alternative for the above formula. Both return the same answer. You can use whichever you feel is easier. Following is an example of the OR condition. There is one limitation in the above formula. That is, if the specified range consists of any blank cells, it returns an error. Following is the alternative to the above formula. You can use it when the range includes blank cells as well.

This function commands Excel to total the values that fit in the mentioned criteria. The criteria argument includes the criteria for the inclusion of the cells in the totaled value.

Following this argument, Excel will total cells that contain numeric value less than It refers to the range of cells that you want to sum. Whether it is a simple assessment of whether you should buy a new cell phone or a decision as large as starting up your own business, you will find a function and formula for it in Excel. The list of financial functions provided by Excel is endless. While they are all briefed in the appendix section of this book, this chapter discusses some of the most handy and commonly used financial functions.

Formulas to Calculate Depreciation Depreciation refers to the value of an asset at a certain point of time. The value is estimated on the basis of the original value of the asset and its lifetime. Each function represents a different type of depreciation method. While there is a different formula for every depreciation function, following are the common arguments used in almost every function.

Cost: Underlying cost of the asset. Life: Time period over which the asset will depreciate. Period: Time period in the life of the asset for which the depreciation value is to be calculated.

It indicates whether to toggle to straight line depreciation method in case the SL depreciation is greater than the declining balance depreciation value. Factor: Rate at which value of the asset declines. SLN The SLN function uses the straight line depreciation method for calculating the value of an asset over a single period. This method assumes that the asset depreciates by an equal amount every period till it is fully depreciated.

It calculates the depreciation value of an asset for a specific period of time it could be the complete life of the asset or a partial period.

The VDB method uses the double declining balance or another accelerated depreciation method that you specify. It could be any length of time during the life of the asset. In other words, skipping the factor argument implies that you want Excel to use double declining balance method to calculate depreciation.

It calculates the depreciation value of an asset at an accelerated rate. As per the DDB method, the depreciation value of an asset is at its peak in the first period of its life, then declines gradually in the subsequent periods. For example, if the life of the asset is expressed in years, period must also be in years. If omitted, it is assumed as 2 by Excel, hence the double declining balance method is used. If you enter 3 in the factor argument, Excel applies the triple declining balance method to calculate the depreciation.

Continuing the same example as discussed in the straight line depreciation, Figure 5. Figure 5. As you see in Figure 5. This is because in DDB method, the depreciation value declines as time passes. DB www. It works the same way as the DDB method except for one difference; and that is, the DB method uses the fixed declining balance method to compute the depreciation value.

In other words, the DB method calculates the depreciation at a fixed rate. It is an optional one that specifies the number of months depreciated in the first year. It omitted, Excel assumes it as 12 months. SYD www. Formulas to Analyze Investment This section discusses the functions that help you analyze cash flows and investments.

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