Blue World City Balloting Event 2023

A wondeful event was arranged by blue world city on 11th june 2023 .The Balloting event 2023 .This event comprised of allocation of plot numbers to the people which is the first step to start constuctions on them . The balloting was of three blocks

• Awami block
• Overseas block 
• General block
• Waterfront district

The people who were selected for the balloting event had to pay a percentage of each respected block

Awami Block :

The people who were selected for balloting event with respect to awami block had to clear 50% of the blocks payment only then were the selectef for the balloting event

Overseas Block :

With respect to the overseas block people had to clear 75% payment of the block to get selected for the balloting event to get the plot numbers if their name is selected

General Block :

The booking holders had to pay 90% of the genral block to be applicable for the balloting event to get hold of plot numbers 

Waterfront District :

In terms of water front district booking holders had to pay 50% of the block to Enter there names for the balloting event and get plot numbers if there names are selected

Best Performance award :

Mass Global Marketing lead by its CEO Sarfraz Ahmad was given the best performance award in 2023 .They have made their way upto the marketing community slowly but surely and have gained numerous audience . Inshallah future success will be waiting for them

Cheif Guest :

The cheif guest of the balloting event 2023 was none other than Shoaib Akhtar a pakistani Ex-cricketer . He gave an amazing and enthusiastic speech and expressed his love and devotion to the blue world city project and the balloting event 2023

Main Motive :

The balloting event 2023 was just a way of selection of names for the holding of plot numbers of people who were eligible after paying the respected percentage of their blocks .The people who were lucky enough to have their names selected were given plot numbers and were eligible for the next phase of posession of plots . This was a wonderful and enthusiastic event organised by the blue world city . An event to be remembered . The balloting event 2023


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